Should You Outsource to China?

There is a time and place to outsource to China.  There are jobs that Asian manufacturers and outsourced partners are very good at and even better than any other options available.  This isn’t true in all situations, though.  The key question to ask is, can I get a better product by going to Asia to get it.  This question has both to do with quality and monetary value.  If you can get your item  made in Vietnam or China for 25% of what it costs to have it made in the US and only have to sacrifice a little on quality, then that might be the way to go.  Back in 2001, that was certainly the case.  But, today, these kinds of savings are becoming hard to find, and some items are even on par with products made in the US after you include the cost of ocean freight.  Back in the early 2000’s, it was hard work to find an Asian manufacturer or outsourcing partner, but when you found one they were very eager to do the work.  Their being so hard to find, meant that you had something when you found a partner.  Today, it’s getting easier and easier to find someone who is capable to make your product, but it’s also easier for everyone else, too.  And, because the factories have more choices, you can’t push them as much on quality and price, so the trend has become higher and higher prices and lower and lower quality.

The point of emphasis here is, don’t jump to the conclusion lightly that going to Asia is your easy way out to getting a high quality product made at rock bottom prices.  There are a lot of questions to ask and a lot of hard work to getting Asian manufacturing to work for you.  And, you  might be able to have a better net result while working close to home.

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